Essentials for a Stand up Paddle Board

04 Sep

Boarding is an experience that is filled with a lot of fun. It is both exciting and a fantastic way to exercise your body muscles. It gives the body a full workout experience, and that is why it is loved by many people nowadays. You also get to enjoy watching the sun because you will be stretched out fully.

Picking the Best iSUP Paddleboard

If you are thinking of investing in gear, this is known to be one of the best iSUP. Your selection of a Paddleboard should be determined by the weight and skill you possess. Your selection of a Paddleboard ought to be dependent on ability and the weight you possess.

The Best iSUP, has an elbow at the shaft area, all for the rider's max efficiency. It's preferable if you select a 6-8 inch paddle.

PFD: this is a U.S Coast Guard statutory necessity, which because it sees Paddleboards as boats, then its riders need to wear a PFD, carry a source of light to be used during sunset, and a whistle.

If you don't want to fall ill and become hypothermic, it is advisable to put on protective clothing, especially in conditions which are not very favourable. Comfortable clothing enables you to move around freely. To read more about Inflatable Standup Paddleboards, just go to

If you don't want to fall, make sure you attach the leash to the paddleboard. For your safety, it is advisable to attach the leash to the Paddleboard which is a big floating device. Make sure you buy the right board for yourself.

Sun Protection: In addition to applying sunscreen on your body, put on sun glasses for protection from the sun.

The majority of the Paddleboards have an inbuilt handle. Simply take hold of the board at the centre then lean on the board. Under one of your hands, be sure to tuck the board. Using your other hand, bear it. If you are a beginner on the board, the best way to start is on water which is calm and in an area free of boats and life buoys.

There are numerous ways to develop a paddleboard.

The Sidestroke is used to paddle on one side until the board's nose starts to turn towards you. If you want to go left, paddle on the right side and vice versa will apply.

Use the Backpaddle if you want to reverse or turn on either side. You must simply drag your paddle backward on each side of the plank to try it.

The Sweep Stroke: You need to place your paddle to the side of the plank to make a long swiping stroke towards the tail side, off from the boats hull  and make the board move in the opposite direction of the stroke you made.

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